An Interview with Artistic License Model, Alexandra D. Blaj


Photo by Alina Rusu

An Interview with Artistic License Model, Alexandra D. Blaj.

Cover by Masloski Carmen

Cover by Masloski Carmen

When I asked cover artist, Masloski Carmen, to mock something up for Artistic License, knowing she has great style and an eye for beauty, I didn’t know she’d use Alexandra as the cover model, but I am glad she did.

Alexandra has one of those faces… the kind that show beauty both from outside and in. When she contacted me on Facebook, I just had to know more about her. I thought I’d share my chat with her, here with you.

Alexandra grew up in the countryside near Romania where her parents own a house. Her childhood was filled with joy, games, friends, lots of adventures, school trips, and hide and seek with her neighbors.

Emerian: Where do you live now?

Alexandra: I live in a small town in Romania in the Moldova area. Although it is a small city, people are lovely here and I have my friends, who light up my day. My parents and my sister are my best friends, especially my mom. In our family, trust and understanding have a major role. My parents gave me advice and they taught me what is good and what is not. I will always appreciate them and I am grateful.

Emerian: What do you like most about your country?


Photo by Alina Rusu

Alexandra: The beauty of it. I think Romania has one of the most incredible sights in the whole world. Here we have the sea,  mountains, lakes, hills, everything you can imagine. We have history, like Dracula and the Bran Castle. We have the House of the People, which is the biggest building in the world after The Pentagon. We have our capital,  Bucharest, and its parks that are breathtaking. If you ever have the chance to come in Romania, you must go on a trip to the mountainside, to set a tent in nature and enjoy the beauty of the nature. And also to eat our food, it is incredible.

Emerian: What do you like to do when you aren’t modeling?

Alexandra: When I’m not posing, I read alot and also joined a radio and journalistic program. I go running because I like to keep fit and I play with my cats. I admit I’m a cat lady.

Emerian: How did you get involved with modeling?


Alexandra: I got involved with modeling in 9th grade, when Alina Rusu, my photographer, found me on Facebook and proposed a photoshoot. After it, different opportunities came by and I took advantage of them. I got involved with Artistic License when Masloski told Alina that you liked my face and wanted me to pose for your book. I was thrilled and I gladly posed for your book cover.

Emerian: I am so glad you did! I love the cover! What has been your most exciting modeling job?

Alexandra: I guess I haven’t had it yet, but it will come when I will go to university, because in Bucurest, one of the most important modelling agencies from Romania wants to sign a contract with me. This summer I’m going to Italy and can’t wait to see Venice, Rome, and London. I want to go to LA and NYC at least once in my life.

Emerian: You’ll have to take lots of pictures in Italy so we can travel with you. What are your favorite books to read?


Photo by Dragis Vranceanu

Alexandra: I like everything, but I enjoy romance, horror and crime books the most.

Emerian: You are such a beautiful girl! Are there any beauty secrets you’d like to share?

Alexandra: Thank you very much for your compliment. I have some secrets. Beauty comes from inside. You have to feel comfortable with how you look and then it will get easier. Keeping fit is important and being careful what you eat is also important, but sleep and water have the most important role. I sleep alot so that my face won’t look tired and I drink alot of water. I also have a hot shower everyday with oils and aromatherapy products to keep young smooth skin.

Emerian: Often models are thought of as only a pretty face. What do you want people to notice about you beyond being a beautiful girl?

Alexandra: I want to be known first of all by my intelligence, not my face. Beauty goes away in time. I take advantage now, while I am young and I can use what God gave me to make a career, but being a model means to be careful all the time and to have someone who can give you advice or who can teach you things about life.


Photo by Alina Rusu

Emerian: Do you have a favorite artist or piece of artwork?

Alexandra: I don’t have favorite art works, because I find beauty in all of them. It gets hard to choose a favorite. I have many favorite artworks, books, actors and role models in my life.

Emerian: Thank you for answering my questions. I really do enjoy the fact that you are on my cover!

Alexandra: Thank you and I wish you luck with your books. I hope I will get the chance one day to meet you in person.


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