AudioNovel Cast

The Cast of Artistic License

Emerian Rich, playing:
Lord Ashton Northing
Leslie Marietta
Mrs. Cutting
Stella Marietta
Hilary Marrietta
Monsters and several other bit parts

AuthorPicEmerian Rich is the author of Artistic License and has been podcasting since 2007. She is best known for her vampire series Night’s Knights and also writes romance under the name Emmy Z. Madrigal. You can find out more about her at:

Murdo Morrison

mecMurdo Morrison is an American writer with Scottish roots. His books include Roses of Winter, A Hole Without Sides, and The Taste of Dust. Find out more about Murdo at:

Kadirah Wade
Mrs. Mannford
Young & Older Stewardess
Extras Chap. 20

Kadirah Wade is an amateur actress  in love with voices, accents and  characters. She has done most of her acting and writing for church and women’s conference productions. She teaches workshops on Laughter and Self Image.  She is currently writing a Christian Romance Novel and a Self-help book for those who find themselves suddenly single. If she doesn’t get the two mixed up, it may work out all right.

Ariel DaWintre
Claudette Northing

Ariel DaWintre is a writer and voice actor. She has performed in several audio works including “JoJo” in’s production of GothAmazing Race and “Ember” the novel Dusk’s Warriors. She’s currently working on a fish out of water tale about an American living in Hong Kong. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and has a puppy named Taz.

Rish Outfield
Mr. Mannford

Rish Outfield is a writer and voice actor who co-hosts the Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine (, which produces fiction stories with a full cast, and tries to be funny afterward.  He has recently begun narrating audiobooks for, and longs to someday watch the sunset with a woman who loves him.  A woman, or a Wookiee, whichever’s easier.

Dan Shaurette
Capt. Randall

Michele Shaurette
Mrs. Randall

Heather Roulo
Patricia Randall

heatherHeather Roulo is a science-fiction, fantasy, and horror author. Her voice has appeared on Dunesteef and in the cast of productions such as GothHaus, GothAmazing Race, and episodic short stories. She has had the pleasure if serving as guest judge in the annual Wicked Women Writers contest since winning in 2009. Her self-narrated novel Fractured Horizon is available on She co-hosted for three years. Recent fiction sales include stories to Nature and InfectiveInk. Visit Heather at and on twitter @hroulo.

Renee Roulo
Susie Randall

ReneePromoImageRenee Roulo’s burgeoning acting career began with appearances in the titular roles of Bad Cat, Madeline, and Peter Pan for school and community theater performances. She is a regular contributor to, including singing the Monster Mash in the Halloween Special and performing the voice of Cosette in GothHaus. She appeared in the Gritty Reboots video “PBS: The Movie (PBS Meets the Avengers)”. In addition to performing in small recitals and twice in the annual school talent show, Renee continues to take private voice lessons and recently began teaching herself the ukulele.

Angela Estes

AngelaAngela Estes is a cat lover, photographer, stock trader, music lover, writer and movie and tv enthusiast . . . (stated in no particular order.)
Off the Beaten Track/Internet Recreation

Philip Carroll

bio photoPhilip Carroll is an army trained Certified Orthotist who lives in the Central Valley of California. He is a husband of  one, (for 32 years), father of three and grand father of 2.5. He has been writing for about six years now and has a special interest in recording his stories. He has a novel and novella at and is currently trying to find homes for two YA Urban Fantasies. He also has several short stories in anthologies of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror.

Laurel Anne Hill
Mrs. Florin

Laurel Anne Hill Promotional 2014Laurel Anne Hill’s award-winning novel, Heroes Arise, was published in 2007. Her many short stories have appeared in a variety of publications, most recently in the anthologies Fault Zone, How Beer Saved the WorldA Bard in the HandHorrible Disasters, and Shanghai SteamShanghai Steam, a best seller, was nominated for an Aurora Award in 2013. Writing Fantasy & Science Fiction: How to Create Out-of-This-World Novels and Short Stories (Orson Scott Card, Phillip Athans, Jay Lake and the editors of Writer’s Digest) recommends reading Shanghai Steam. More at

Photo by LIfetouch.

Camellia Rains

6449_1026627646299_6036064_nCamellia Rains has been in numerous stage plays and continues her acting career as a voice actor for’s GothHaus and GothAmazing Race as “Jez”. She’s also done voices for podnovels in the Sweet Dreams Musical Romance Series, and Night’s Knights Vampire Series.

Ann Wilkes


As Ann Wilkes, Ann writes science fiction and fantasy. Her short stories read like Twilight Zone episodes – often tragic, funny or both. Her latest sales have been to Every Day Fiction and a Fantastic Stories anthology edited by Warren Lapine. Under her legal name, Ann Hutchinson, Ann writes memoir, fiction and lyrics. She is also a freelance journalist, copywriter and editor. She is currently co-editing an anthology to benefit the local YWCA as a labor of love. Ann loves dancing with her husband, Kevin, with whom she teaches private lessons. Read more at,, and

Alexandra Hendryx

Marc Vale

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